Haste w/ Simon Berman of Privateer Press: Iron Kingdoms RPG Launch, “Their First Expedition”, Story Realms.

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Tonight we’re joined by Privateer Press Community Manager and Staff Writer Simon Berman, and we’re going to be talking in depth about this week’s Iron Kingdoms RPG release! Join us as I grill Simon about IKRPG, among other things. Keep your eyes peeled for a new contest soon!

Due to this show running a bit longer than our normal show, I’ve provided a short minute/second mark guide so you can skip around if need be:


  • Iron Kingdoms RPG – 1:00
  • “Their First Expedition” – 15:39
  • Story Realms Kickstarter – 22:32
  • Tip – 25:27
  • Twitter Question/Poll – 26:33


Iron Kingdoms RPG Launch!

I sit down with Simon and ask one too many questions about the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG that launches this Wednesday (19th). We go over what’s included in the first book, what is coming up for the game, and some insight into the game’s design ethos and the history of Privateer Press.

“Their First Expedition”

Steve Winter has yet another great piece up on Kobold Quarterly about a player’s first RPG session ever. How to make them memorable, competing with video games and a metric ton of wisdom in one short blog post. Simon and I discuss good starts for new players and give a few tips of our own.

Story Realms

This looks to be a great gateway for kids who have an interest in gaming, Story Realms is a hybrid of board game, rpg, choose your own adventure style books and perhaps a few other things. Aiming to land somewhere in the middle between highly granular RPG rules and improv acting indie story game, it looks like they have something cool going on. Their Kickstarter has a bit of time left in it, and 20$ will get you the core book.

Tip Corner

Do you switch around your locale when you play on game night? If it’s possible, give it a try. A change of scenery is always nice, even if it’s just from one dining room to the next, but sometimes people get worn out on playing host/hostess. Every now and everyone needs a break from conducting the hospitality train!

Twitter Poll

A week or so ago we posted a link to a study on GameScience dice vs “regular” dice and asked what people thought about it. We asked which type of dice they preferred and why, our restuls overwhelmingly leaned toward “regular” dice to no surprise. The most common answer was that dice are supposed to be random and that it wasn’t that big of a deal to them, cost was also a big factor as well. What are your thoughts?

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