Haste: Bounded Accuracy, Portable Gaming Tabletops, FreeRPGDay

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Thanks to AwesomeDice.com you still have about a week left for your chance to win a pound o’ dice. You’ve also got about 2 weeks left to get your caption on in our new d20Monkey comic caption contest! Lastly, check out Crimson Skies, our Campaign of the Month for June!


“The Future of Tabletop RPG’s”

An ambitiously named kickstarter here with a lot of potential for any tabletop gamer, these portables are pretty awesome. Check out the kickstarter and tell us what you guys think. We’re teetering on backing this project!


Bounded Accuracy

Possibly the biggest change coming to D&D within D&DNext since the creation of the game, Micah and I discuss the pro’s and cons. There aren’t many cons. Be sure to read the whole article on the subject and tell us what you think.


FreeRPG Day!

It’s that time of year again, time for a ton of free RPG stuff if you’ve got a local participating game shop. FreeRPGDay has got what you need from a bunch of big names in the industry, drop by and grab up a system you’ve never tried before!


Tip Corner

Obsidian Portal has finally been moved over to Ruby on Rails 3.0, Micah explains the process and we thank you for bearing with us through this process. You should notice the site is considerably faster now too!


Twitter Question

@revenganceful asks: What was your best gaming ‘flop’? Have you ever tried something new and have it backfire (good or bad)?

Listen to find out!

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