Haste w/ Roll20: Roll20 Virtual Table, D&DNext Ban On Online Playtesting, Classes in D&D

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Tonight we’re joined by Nolan and Riley the co-creators of Roll20, one of the nominees for the Excellence In Innovation Award this year. A quick congrats to “DreamDrake” and “Robert U” on winning our RPGStack Exchange contest! Also be sure to check out our new d20Monkey comic caption contest, and Crimson Skies, our Campaign of the Month for June. Lastly, thanks to AwesomeDice.com you also have a chance to win a pound o’ dice this month! Shoo, that’s a lot! Now, on with the show!



Roll20 (www.Roll20.net) is a new virtual tabletop that runs solely within your web browser, is built on HTML5, is full of awesome, and is currently in open beta.  It focuses less on mechanics and more on camraderie than other tables. But don’t take my word for it, listen up as I mini-interview its creators! You can also stalk them online via twitter @Roll20App and also on Google+.


D&DNext Online Playtest Ban

Note: This topic became irrelevant midway through the show as WotC has even updated the FAQ regarding the playtest. Listen to us complain anyway!


What Classes Should Be In D&D?

A very interesting article by Bartoneus over at Critical Hits on the topic of what classes should be in D&D? The relationships that each classes have with one another, and how they all blend together, how much is too much? We discuss classes, and shardminds of course.

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Twitter Question

@DrinkingQuest asks: What’s your go-to RPG beverage?

Listen to find out!

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