Haste 50 w/ Steve Hammond: Lost Tools, Traveller 5, Never Unprepared

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Tonight we’re joined by Excellence In Innovation Award nominee Steve Hammond, creator of Lost Tools, an array of utilities for use with your Obsidian Portal campaigns. Very cool stuff here, before we jump in let’s say congrats to Ian on winning that pound o’ dice and also to be sure and hop over to our d20Monkey comic for this month and get funny on!


Lost Tools

A brief interview with Steve tells us that he’s got big plans an no intent on quitting anytime soon, his campaign calendar allows you to create in-game calendars for your campaigns and his chronicle tool allows you to turn your adventure logs into an epub to read on your kindle or other e-reader device.  Steve also blogs over at LostPapyrus.com, so be sure to check him out there as well. Tune in for all the details!


Traveller 5 Kickstarter

As the granddaddy of science fiction RPG’s Traveller is setting out to make it’s 5th and “ultimate” edition. This edition of the game has player feedback figured in, 13 careers (all the originals & new ones), a bunch of races, and a ton of more stuff we can’t go on forever naming. It’s also being created by Marc Miller who is the game’s original creator so that’s always good. We think the timing is right on a this one and you guys still have time to back this project if you haven’t already, be sure to check it out!


“Never Unprepared” Preorders Available Now

Remember a while back when we talked about Never Unprepared from Gnome Stew? Well it’s finally available for preorder! For 20$ you score the paperback and immediate access to the PDF, later in the summer you’ll be able to grab just the PDF for 10$. There’s also a 16 page preview up on their blog so that you can get a good sampling of what the book is all about.


Tip Corner

Random maps! Hit up the home page and surf to the bottom to find a random map, use it to your advantage and draw inspiration from it when you’re in need or just want to peruse a bunch of cool cartography.


Twitter Question

@BandOfMisfits asks: What is your one GenCon “must do” event and/or what are we most excited about this year?

Listen to find out!

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