Haste Podcast: Ignoring Rules In D&DNext, Never Unprepared GM Prep Book, Random Dungeon Generator Poster.

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The d20Monkey caption contest is about to end, but it still demands you pour some sugar on it, as do Micah and I demand you tell us outrageous lies about how you got into gaming!

Gnome Stew’s ‘Never Unprepared’

The folks over at gnome stew are releasing another great tool for GM’s this summer with Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep. It will be over 100 pages complete w/ artwork, published as a 6×9 softcover, pdf, and various other electronic formats. It should be ready this June/July, stay tuned and we’ll be sure to re-visit the book on the podcast once it’s out.

Dungeon Generator Poster

With the re-release of the 1e D&D books by WotC, this kickstarter is meant to be a complimentary 3’x2′ poster that allows you to generate random dungeons. Done in full artwork in a very old school D&D style makes for a very cool collectors item, if not just a really neat conversation piece for your game room. Stretch goals are already completed, so grab one of these before it’s too late!

These Are Not the Rules You’re Looking For

In a recent Legends & Lore column, Mike Mearls discusses things like character “roles” in D&DNext as well as guidelines like the XP budget and treasure charts. He says he wants us to ignore some of the rules in the upcoming edition of D&D. Are these things everyone needs for their game, only useful for new players? Tell us how you feel about all of this in the comments.

Tip Corner

Use characters to their fullest on your wiki, hit up the textile tutorial if you’re not familiar. Really fill out the cunch and fluff blocks, you wont regret it the first time your folder full of character sheets gets lost or soaked in the rain!

Twitter Question

@d20Monkey asks: You’re trapped on an island with cool gamers and you can only have 1 game that ISN’T dnd. what do you have to play?

Listen to find out!

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