Haste! Chromecast for Gaming, Physical Puzzles, Elusive “Feel” of D&D Classes

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No announcements this week, aside from our kick ass Baldur’s Cheer, Baldur’s Gate holiday contest we’ve got going on. Aside from that, it’s time to get on with the show! Now, back to 30(ish) minutes or less! Enjoy.


Chromecast for Gaming

Over at Stargazers World, Sunglar discusses using Google’s Chromecast as a gaming aide, and we’ think it’s a great idea! It might not be a replacement for many things but it could surely provide lots of possibilities and may be a really cheap alternative to projector setups or having a remote player. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Using Physical Puzzles

A recent reddit thread exploring the possibilities of using physical puzzles and dexterity challenges for in-game traps and puzzles is pretty thought provoking. Micah and I discuss the possibilities here and also cover some pros, cons, and frequency of using stuff like this in your games at home.

The Elusive “Feel” of D&D Classes

Mike Mearls was talking about the “Feel” of classes in 3e, 4e, and what he hopes/expects for 5e regarding class types, sublclasses and a lot more. Be sure to read the Legends & Lore article and listen to what Micah and I have to say and feel free to strike up some healthy debate! What do you think about class feel over the iterations of D&D?

Tip Corner

Use OP on your mobile device to reply to a forum post or schedule/RSVP the next session. It looks so much nicer on phones now and is a treat to use!


Taylor Forbes (@Forbestay) asks: themed holiday adventures good idea or not? Should I mention real world holidays in game even if the don’t line up in game?

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