Haste: ENnies Changes and Voting, Dungeon Slayers, Best “Free Product”?

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The ENnies voting has begun, be sure to vote for Obsidian Portal as well as the Haste podcast of course! We’ve also got a seminar going on at gencon this year all about how tech is chaning RPG’s and well also be handing out our Excellence In Innovation Award too!


Gencon Cometh! ENnies Award Changes for 2013

Less than a month till Gencon, next year to nominate something for an ENnie there will be no 5$ fee. You can also start voting for next years judges already too. Also, the ENnies voting booth is open, and will close on July 29 so hurry up and vote! There’s a ton of great stuff up there, including quite a few friends to the podcast including Masks, Unhallowed Metropolis, and great Open Design stuff from Kobold Quarterly like Streets of Zobeck and the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. Be sure to give these products an extra look when you’re casting your ballot!

Dungeon Slayers 4th Edition Released

The next iteration of Dungeon Slayers was released recently, a straight and to the point hack and slash RPG. Dungeon Slayers is completely free and there’s a decent bit of community out there creating content, there’s also plenty of ready to go dungeons for a quick and dirty dungeon crawl experience. Check it out!

Best “Free Product”?

Speaking of free RPG’s…all of the products nominated for this year’s ENnie award category of “Best Free Product” are in fact free, but free supplements for non-free games. In a sense these are more of advertisements for those games than an actual free product, of course this is all debatable. However Micah and I side with guys like Justin Halliday, creator of Heroes Against Darkness – an actual 100% free RPG, who are a little soured by this. Tune in as we discuss.

Tip Corner

Don’t know fancy wiki tricks? Use the image alignment dropdown when inserting images into your campaign logs, change it up and shift the images around for a bit more variety.

Twitter Question

@Shammond42 asks: As a game matures and players get more options do you put restrictions on what they be? For balance? Thematic?

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