Haste – Episode 21: D&D Coloring Book, CCP/WW Layoffs, Top 9 Geek Books

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Please note that this recording was intended for last week. I had thought I lost my recording after suffering a power outage immediately after recording haste. Luckily the file was recoverable so please ignore the announcement, as a winner has already been selected for the caption contest and we’ll have November’s up shortly. Thanks!


D&D Coloring Book

A Dungeons and Dragons coloring book published in 1979 has recently been resurrected over at the MONSTER BRAINS blog. It is the full work, available in high res images or as pre-compiled PDF’s for your printing pleasure. Hurry and snag it up before some copyright holder decides he needs to take it down! Micah and I revel in its awesomeness. (Artwork probably not small child appropriate)

Layoffs at CCP/White Wolf

Recently there were a lot of layoffs at CCP, which is White Wolf Publishing’s parent company. Micah elaborates a little and we learn that the World of Darkness MMO’s development team will be ‘significantly reduced’ but still operational.

Wired’s Top 9 Geek Books

Wired recently put out an article detailing the top 9 geek books we all need to have read, while the list is a pretty good one, we ask are these really must read items or have your geek card revoked? What are your thoughts, and should the 1e DMG really be put on a list next to a bunch of novels? Chime in in the comments, on twitter, facebook, or wherever you’d like to reach us.

Tip Corner

Did you know that you can broadcast your OP updates and adventure logs to facebook and twitter? You can, it’s easy!

Twitter Question

@jjafuller asks: how have house rules affected your games in unexpected ways?

Listen to find out!

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