d20Monkey Caption Contest: October Dread!

That’s right folks, it’s that time again! A crisp new comic from d20Monkey for you to start October off right! This one is full of dread¬†and horror¬†among…many other things, yes? Remember one caption per comment, leave as many as you like!

Winner will have their comical genius recognized both here, and at d20Monkey.com, gain 3 months of Ascendant time and an Obsidian Portal t-shirt! Contest will expire at midnight (CST) Oct 31st and drift back into the nether realm where it will see final judgement. Muahahaha!

Update: Just because October is my favorite month of the year, and because I really really like you guys. I’m also going to throw in a $10 gift certificate to DriveThruRPG to the winner!

This months winner is Adam with: “I’ve got the weirdest boner right now”.

Award Winning!

Gold ENnie for Best Website 09'-11'

Silver ENnie for Best Website, Best Podcast 2012-2013
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