Haste Episode 19: Advanced Race Guide, Red Eye of Azathoth, d20 Monkey on CNN!

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We’ve got a fresh d20Monkey caption contest up as well as a brand spanking new Campaign of the Month for October. Both are full of awesome and wackiness, go check them out!


Advanced Race Guide Playtest

Paizo recently unleashed the Advanced Race Guide playtest for Pathfinder unto the world! They’ve noted that getting these sorts of things right is pretty tough and a delicate process, especially regarding game balance so this playtest is hoped to help all of that. Sounds really cool, wishing more games did this. Micah and I discuss what races we’d build, as well as our deep appreciation for goblins.

Red Eye of Azathoth

Kobold Quarterly has a great Cthulhu module out for this Halloween season: The Red Eye of Azathoth is a 5 part adventure for Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) that takes place through the ages. Complete with handouts, new monsters and pre-generated investigators from a wide array of time periods, this episodic adventure is a sure way to do a Halloween campaign right! They also have a ton of other products available through open design, including Dark Roads & Golden Hells which I’m a patron on myself, check them out!

Brian Patterson of d20Monkey makes CNN Geekout!

As we’re sure many of you know Brian Patterson from d20Monkey as we tell you of his fantastic exploits on the regular, however now he’s managed to reach the CNN Geekout blog! It’s great to see members of the RPG community get out there on popular sites and put on a good face for our little corner of the internet. Micah and I discuss his favorite quote from the interview as well.

Tip Corner

Did you know that you can easily track your PC’s loot using the items tab? Just create an item entitled “Playername’s Loot Bag” and have them keep track of all their characters belongings there. Much easier than re-writing it all every time a new character sheet is created!

Twitter Question

@Revenganceful asks: at what point do you consider a rules system too complicated? Too simple?

Listen to find out!

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