Haste! Game Night Noms, Subraces, Dungeon World, and Using 3rd Party Materials

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Caption contest will be finalized by our next episode, new comic is coming! Aside from that let’s jump in and get talking!


a47c5b93bcdf07e5c1fd951bd6fae365Game Night Noms

A good discussion over on Reddit recently spurred us into action in talking about game night grub. What is cost effective, and possibly not as redundant as pizza and nachos, tune in as we discuss the magic of slow cookers!

Keith Baker Talks Subraces

Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings all get sub-races with added bonuses, why don’t humans? We discuss some of Keith Baker’s thoughts on subraces and subraces as a whole in RPGS, are they just vehicles for mechanical combos? Do you use them in your games?

A D&D Lover’s Guide to: Dungeon World

An awesome analyzation of Dungeon World by Shawn Merwin is up over on Critical Hits and we’re really enjoying the article. Putting things into “D&D terms” really clicks with a lot of us. We discuss DW based on Shawn’s article and it really sounds like we need to get on playing some DW!


Orion Gigliotti asks: How do you feel about using third party published material versus official supplements? My group won’t even consider it.

Tune in to find out! 

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