Haste! Minsc and Boo Get A Comic, 5e Starter Set Hands On, Survive The Night

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The d20Monkey caption contest has found itself a winner, be sure to stop by and check out the winning line, and also stay tuned for a new caption contest very soon. Also, if you enjoy Brian’s work and want to help him transition into becoming an artist full time, please go check out his Patreon page and consider chipping in.

Also, our friend Justin Mason is part of the Adventure A Week Snow White Kickstarter which seems pretty cool if you ask us. Check it out and be sure to pass it on to any fellow Pathfinder players you might know


Survive The Nightphoto

You all probably know by now that Micah and I are party game snobs, so you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve come across one that seems genuinely fun. Bonus: it’s free. Be sure to check out Survive the Night and snag the free PDF while you can, seems very Fiasco-like, but with even less prep and rules, and slightly more ridiculousness.

Tell us: How would you Survive The Night against this lineup (above) with these weapons?

Hands On w/ D&D Starter Set

With the D&D 5e starter set recently hitting shelves and Jerry personally getting his hands on an advance copy, we go into detail about just what’s inside and whether it’s worth your hard earned cash. Tune in for some thoughts on the first official 5e product!

Baldur’s Gate Minsc Comic!"Butt kicking, for goodness!"

As if there weren’t enough things to get excited about with all of the new D&D stuff buzzing around, they had to go and make a comic about Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster. Micah and I discuss things assuming everyone knows who this character is, what makes a good Baldur’s Gate comic, and more.


Richard Rouillard via Facebook asks: Players whose characters are very two-dimensional. No solid background or back story that could enhance their roleplaying. Is it the DM’s job to assign background, personality, etc?

Tune in to find out! 

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