Haste! Fear of Girls, D&D’s Living Rules, Backstory Cards and More!

[powerpress] | Episode 116|


We stumbled across these RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired, tell us if they are useful or not, we’d really like to know!


photo-mainBackstory Cards

There’s a pretty cool Kickstarter that involves Ryan Macklin and generating backstories for your characters. Check this one out and pitch in if it seems like you’d put them to good use!

D&D 5e’s Living Ruleset

We discuss the malleable rules of D&D Next, how do things like “official houserules” make you feel? Would you put them to use? Are you in favor of these living rules or not? Let us know!

Fear of Girls

In a most unfortunate trip to Reddit, we came across a user who is having an issue with his players and their fear of having a girl introduced to their gaming group. In true internet fashion, not much good advice is given so we decided to take some of it upon ourselves. How would you guys handle this?


@Forbestay asks: What’s the best way to make magic items special in game? Or gear for other systems that lack magic?

Tune in to find out! 

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