Haste! Codename Morningstar, Stealing from Games, Stealth and More!

[powerpress] | Episode 115|


New features! Character & item filters, sortable adventure log dates, bug fixes and more.


Codename Morningstarpng

The next iteration of D&D’s digital presence has emerged at Origins this year, it’s called Codename Morningstar, for now at least. Be sure to check out the progress and what we know so far (via ENWorld).

Stealing from Games

A great bit from Dave over at Critical Hits on stealing from games while making games. Is it bad? We don’t think so, tune in to find out why and give us your thoughts!

Stealth In Your Game

Everyone does stealth a little differently in their games, this Reddit thread is full of a bunch of good examples. We discuss stealth in general, and we’d love your feedback on how you get it done as well.


Check out our new campaign backgrounds, free and paid members should have an array of new ones to choose from!


@TALLama asks: I’ve let my campaign’s plot sprawl a little too widely. How to move forward: Ignore uninteresting bits, or reintegrate?

Tune in to find out! 

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