Character & Item Filtering Updates

Shiny New Features

Last month we talked to you guys about some new features set up for filtering, separating PCs from NPCs and so on. In that post we talked about in the future wanting to be able to further separate these items out for deeper functionality, and guess what…we have!

Now Improved: Character and Item filtering

Before, when you clicked on a tag, did a search, or chose an option for PC vs NPC, it would deselect all the other filters. You could only use one at a time. Now, you can combine them.

For example, you can quickly filter to “NPCs with the tag of ‘hostile’” or “GM Only characters with the tag of ‘cleric’ or ‘priest’” Plus, this also works with the search bar. You can click a filter like GM Only, then type text in the search bar to continue filtering the list down.

More To Come

That’s it for now, we’ve got some new features coming down the pipe as well, and you’ll be hearing about one of them next week. It’s one you’ve been asking for since the reforge, and some of you clever folks might have already discovered it. Tune in next week to find out!

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