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Sorting Things Out

Greetings everyone! We’re here with a quick feature update. We’re glad that everyone is enjoying the new and improved use of tagging within Obsidian Portal and we’ve been wanting to do more with it. So, beyond just tags, we’ve added a few new filtering options.

For characters, we’ve added the ability to quickly filter on whether it’s a PC or NPC. And, for characters and items, the GM can quickly filter down to just public or GM only. The only limitation here is that you’ll only be able to select one of these filters at a time, for now. In the future we plan to connect everything together so you can filter on a combination of tags, PC/NPC, and public vs gm only.

exampleHopefully this new filtering will help you manage your characters better and get you to the ones you need to see faster. That’s always our goal: getting you to the information you need in your game as quickly as possible.

See you around the table!

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