Haste! Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, Dungeonscape, the new DMG and more!

[powerpress] | Episode 126|


Tonight we’re hoping you all had a great turkey day, we’re well rested and ready to chat about some serious RPG stuff. Come join us!

[Note: There were some audio anomalies on Micah’s end with this episode. During recording I thought this was just distortion on the call we were on, as that is common on skype/G+, however it turns out that it wasn’t and I did my best to scrub the audio but there are still some rough spots. -Jerry]


maxresdefaultIron Kingdoms Unleashed

There’s a new standalone RPG in the Iron Kingdoms universe headed our way. Be sure to check out Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, complete with an awesome boxed starter set coming next year. More info every Friday from Privateer Press!

Dungeonscape Lives?!

Just as soon as it was declared dead, Dungeonscape has risen from its own ashes like a phoenix. There’s a great interview up between the DS crew and The Id DM. Be sure to check it out as well as some coverage over on ENWorld. It looks like there’s still a lot to speculate about but there is a future!

The DMG Is Coming

That’s right folks, the third and final puzzle piece of the D&D core set, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, will be releasing very, very soon. We’ve already got our hands on a copy and it sure is gorgeous. We dish about the DMG, and we’d like your thoughts too!


@d20Monkey asks: We know some items can kill a campaign. What are a few you feel could SAVE a campaign?

Tune in to find out!

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