Haste! Kickstarter Dungeon Tile Faceoff, and Is Hobby Gaming on the Rise?

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We’re 8 years old, be sure to check out our Birthday contest over on the blog! Other than that, let’s get on with the show, it’s a little long this week!


Blue Dungeon Tiles vs. Dwarven Forge Caverns

There’s a duo of dungeon tiles up on Kickstarter right now, one for throwback-esque blue and white 2D tiles, and yet another Dwarven Forge one for some 3D cave terrain. Micah and I discuss the pros and cons of each, and rally for our favorites.

Hobby Gaming on the Rise?

According to ICV2 it is, however Micah and I are slightly skeptical (as usual), but we mainly want to know what you think. Also, they list some of the top selling RPGs as well, do you agree? Star Wars and Fate Core are beating out D&D, but for how long?

What Games Make Your “List?”

Recently, Adam Koebel, co-creator of Dungeon World tweeted about his pitch-book of sorts full of games he could/would run for his friends. This brought us up to think what makes a game make your list, which games would be in your GM portfolio?


@d20monkey asks: Will the long-held (and outdated IMHO) belief that RPGs are players vs. GM ever fade or will it last until we are 90?

Tune in to find out! 

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