Haste! Of Dice And Men, D&DNext’s Inspiration Mechanic, Gencon, and More!

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ENnies voting is over, Gencon hotels are booked, and we’re looking forward to the con. Be sure to stop by our Kickstarter backer party if you’ve got time Friday night, we’d love to meet as many of you as we can in person. Also, be sure to check out our post full of what we’ve got going on at Gencon too, hopefully you can make it to our panel!


5 Room Dungeon

We’ve dug up quite an old blog post about running 5 room dungeons, and it’s fantastic. The formula applies to “encounter areas” to put in system neutral terms and makes for a nice set of building blocks for either a small simple session, one shots, or basically whatever else you can think of. It covers all of the bases, what do you guys think?

Of Dice and Men, by David M. EwaltOf Dice and Men

Entitled “A Book On The History of D&D and The People Who Play It“, Of Dice and Men is already being called the “Moneyball of D&D”. Aiming to peel back the layers of mystery D&D is wrapped in, the book is aimed at the folks out there who don’t quite know what the game is about. It’s got a great positive spin, and David Ewalt makes sure to inject anecdotal fun bits from his own home games within the pages. Are you excited about this book? We are!

Inspiration Mechanic in D&DNext

Per a recent Legends & Lore article, it seems that D&D may be taking a page from other recent RPGs with building in some role playing rewards right into the system. This feels a lot like bennies from Savage Worlds from what we’ve read, Micah and I discuss its mostly positive possibilities. What are your thoughts?

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EIIA Finalist Showcase – Platemail Games


Gino Rodrigo AKA @reverseg asks: How do you deal with mopey, overly introspective players?

Listen to find out!

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