Haste! Painting Minis, D&D Next Cosmology, Player Advice & More!

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Mini Painting AdviceMiniature Painting

Painting miniatures can be daunting, especially after a huge thing like the Reaper Miniatures kickstarter, check out this article on how to get the job done and not freak out about having tons of unpainted minis laying around.

D&DNext Cosmology Unveiled

In a recent Legends & Lore article, Mike Mearls pulled the covers off of D&D Next’s cosmology. Some interesting stuff in here, especially about Spelljammer. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Advice For…(gasp) Players!

It’s not that often that we see articles that aim to actually help players, and to top it off – this one is actually really good. Be sure to check it out and discuss with us your own tips for players old and new, did they miss anything in this article? Disagree? Enlighten us!

Tip Corner

Tip: A user Carlos from Brazil wrote us to provide a tip for the infamous “Two NPC’s talking to one another dilemma” with the following:

1.) Ask 1 or 2 players to do the roleplaying of the NPCs (with a quick briefing) themselves – fun and get the table engaged or 2.) I do a written dialog and again ask 1 or 2 players to read it.

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