Haste! Invite Pat Robertson’s Granddaughter to Game Night, Pay for Unfinished D&DNext Materials?, Fred Hicks Talks Pay What You Want RPG Pricing.

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Be sure to check out FreeRPGDay this year if your local shop is participating, and buy something while you’re there – don’t be a bum! Also, if you’re going to be at the Origins Game fair shoot me a tweet and we can meet up and say hey!


Pat RobertsonOh Pat Robertson…

Recently Pat Robertson was caught talking about Dungeons & Dragons again, this time comparing it to anorexia, bulimia, and suicide. He also referenced it among “many other” demonic games. It’s good to know that Pat keeps up to speed on the gaming industry and all of its evils. Mich and I discuss, and ask you how you’d pitch an RPG to good ol’ Pat if you wanted to get his granddaughter involved.

Exclusive D&DNext Adventure At Gencon

WotC is selling an exclusive Genon-only mini-campaign module for D&DNext this year for the cool price of $30. Micah and I discuss selling beta rules, collectors items, and a bunch more stuff which dovetails nicely into…

Fred Hicks Discusses Pay What You Want RPG Pricing

Slightly re-touching on a recent episode where we discussed RPG bundles, Fred Hicks from Evil Hat has put together yet another splendidly candid blog post about these kinds of pricing models and marketing mechanisms. It’s a great read and lots to think about for those of us who like to nerd out on the industry side of things.

Tip Corner

No tip, but we’ve got a Kickstarter update on the reforging process. Tune in to hear all about it!

Twitter Poll

@Mandarific asks: Why do most groups want to go for the dining room table to game even for games that can be just as easily played on the couch?

Listen to find out!

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