Haste! Playing to the averages, the truth about D&D and more!

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Seth Roby (@TALlama) has a response to last week’s “How to break up with your gaming group” question. He says we really flubbed the answer. Obviously, we disagree, but see his response for an alternate view!


Playing to the Averages

Micah discusses something we cover on the podcast a lot but have never actually covered straight-up. Playing to the averages in your game for optimal success and player expectations.

“The Truth about D&D”

A great youtube video regarding our hobby emerges, but do videos like this really sway anyone? Do they make a difference? We debate.


Enter your mobile number on your OP profile. Try to get your players to do this as well! It’s ONLY for showing to other members of the campaign (we won’t call you or sell your number). That way nobody needs to call around to try and get someone’s phone number. Plus, as a bonus, if you view your player list on the campaign dashboard on a mobile phone, there are little buttons to call or text someone right from there.


@DLtheDM asks: in your opinion as a dm should you plan the whole #rpg session or just the beginning and leave things to chance?

Tune in to find out! Hint: the answer is cowardice.

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