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Congratulations to DungeonMasterLoki and The Spelljoined for winning the 2011 Campaign of the Year! Also a huge congrats to all of the runner ups, everyone did a great job!

D&D Past, Present, & Future Articles

Recently, TheEscapist ran a series of articles about D&D, the most recent and final piece regarding the Future of D&D has been quite the talk of the internet, we strongly encourage you all to read the serires and share your opinions with us, Micah and I discuss in depth.

Gaming Resolutions for 2012

Micah and I take turns going back and forth discussing each of our three gaming resolutions for 2012 and ask you guys for yours. Tell us what yours are and we’d like to feature/talk about them on the next podcast, but remember we can’t do that without you guys actually chiming in!

RPG Stack Exchange

Recently we stumbled across a great resource for RPG players & GM’s alike, even for people who are just inquiring about RPG’s in general. Over at the RPG section of the Stack Exchange website you’ll find a great community ready to answer all your questions and more. Micah & I discuss our experiences with the site.

Tip Corner

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Twitter Question

@Oldbie asks: How do we get back to the table after the holidays without a lot of catch-up?

Listen to find out!

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