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We’re back from Winter Fantasy! Unfortunately we were unable to have the Baldman crew on the show due to technical difficulties. We recorded one heck of a podcast…and then lost it! They will be on the show in the future though so stay tuned and let’s jump into the episode!

Oh, also we’re working on the file upload stretch goal, it will take a little while, but it’s coming!


Tabletop Audio

We have often discussed audio tools and how to use them at your table, how they can become cumbersome or have their usefulness counter weighted by additional prep, but we think we’ve found the sweet spot here. Tabletop Audio is a great, quick and easy to use tool that we can see you jumping on over to in a flash to enhance your game. Check it out!

Ley Lines, Kobold Press Contest

There’s a pretty cool short fiction contest going on over at the Kobold Press blog called Ley Lines, winner gets some fame, some books, and a paid commission for their story. Time is of the essence, so go check it out and submit some Midgard fiction!

Running Romances in game

Walt from Gnomestew has a good article up on using romance in your games, we’re a little late for Valentines day but this is still relevant stuff any time of the year. Often discussed or danced around both in-game and on the podcast, Micah and I discuss at length some of these great tips.


This one comes from Dustin aka @WolfStar76 of Baldman Games from Winter fantasy, and the tip is simple: remember to have fun. Sounds crazy but I think we forget this one sometimes.


Kurt S. via email asks: How do you guys feel about subverting tropes (Dwarves who don’t mine, bloodthirsty elves, kind Inquisitors in 40K)? Should subversions be done in a big way, like in Dark Sun where all usual expectations are turned upside down, or in only a few cases (either individually or species-wide) in an otherwise “standard” fantasy setting?

Tune in to find out! 

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