Haste! With Guest Host Tom Lommel, AKA Bill Cavalier The Dungeon Bastard

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Tonight we’re joined by Tom Lommel, aka Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard! No Announcements, on with the show! Do be warned though that this episodes runs a bit longer than most. It was hard to try and edit down the awesome time Tom and I had discussing gaming, I hope you enjoy it too.


photo-mainThe World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl

We talk about Tom’s Kickstarter going on right now for the Dungeon Bastard, the show itself, and lots of general gaming nerdiness.

Weighing In On Print vs. PDF

Tom and I talk about a recent article on Stargazers World about print vs. PDF and which we prefer and for what reasons. We’d love to hear your two cents on it too.


Another really great looking Kickstarter going on right now is one for a game called Torchbearer. From the makers of Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard, how does this “love letter” RPG look so far? We also talk a bit about “love letters”.

Tip Corner

Tom gives us a general gaming tip this week, and it’s from the heart!

Twitter Questions

We bring Bill Cavalier on the show to answer a few twitter questions from twitter in true Dungeon Bastard style!

Listen to find out!

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