Haste! Marvel RPG Dies, Talking To Yourself, Magic Sources, and More!

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Thank you all so much for your unwavering support during our Kickstarter, we definitely achieved ‘wildest dreams’ territory and are honored to be part of such a great community. Thank you all, so very, very much!


d8bit_Marvel_Heroic_RPGTalking To Yourself

Anyone who listens to the show regularly knows that Micah just loves to talk to himself. Recently Robin D. Laws was talking precisely about that on the Pelgrane Press blog. What to do when you find yourself with NPCs doling out dialogue to one another and how to avoid it in the future.

Giant List of Magic Styles

A cool little piece over on the Hipster Games blog goes over nearly every magic system/origin imaginable. Really great stuff for inspiration for GMs and players if you ask us. Micah and I discuss some of the strange ones.

Goodbye Marvel Heroic RPG

Margaret Weis productions recently announced that the next supplement for MHRPG won’t be coming and that the game is being pulled. Micah and I discuss the issues that may have led to its demise, among other things.

Tip Corner

If you’re a Kickstarter backer, keep your eyes out for your survey asking for info like username and t-shirt size…and respond quickly and accurately so you can get your schwag!

Twitter Poll

@RJonesEsquire (Russel Jones) asks: What RPG, any RPG, would you use today to teach someone who’s never played one before?

Listen to find out!

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