Haste – Episode 15: Blogger Tiers, World’s Greatest GM Screen, D&D Kids Character Sheets

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Tonight I’m joined by Thadeous Cooper of many RPG related internet venues, however his current project: Geek Cred is currently the flagship of his nerdy endeavors. He tells us what’s new and exciting, and we do ask you to root for him to land his dream job a time or two. I also point out that our d20Monkey caption contest has only a little bit of time left and there’s also some pretty great Unhallowed Metropolis stuff you should be checking out on the blog!


RPG Blogger “Tiers”

A recent article on the OnlineDM’s blog about becoming part of the community started quite a discussion about RPG bloggers and grouping them into “Tiers”. I don’t think the author meant to incite such chaos but there is much to be discussed here. What makes people “top tier”? We discuss!

The World’s Greatest GM Screen

Stumbled across this awesome GM screen by Hammerdog recently, allowing for up to 8 custom inserts and it comes in multiple colors. You could put whatever you wanted in this baby, artwork, charts, notes, maps, etc. At $30 it’s not bad especially if you’re lazy like me!

James Stowe’s D&D Kids Character Sheets

Illustrator James Stowe has received an outpouring of support and enthusiasm regarding his custom made D&D character sheets that he put together for his son’s 8th birthday. His son convinced him to run a D&D game for a bunch of second graders. Turns out they all had a blast, we discuss how great these sheets look and how well they might turn people towards RPG gaming, child or not! UPDATE: Hit up James Stowe’s Facebook fan page for more goods, he’s doing some female versions too!

Tip Corner

Did you know about the Trash Bin? Obsidian Portal has a way for you to retrieve wiki entries that you’ve deleted, just hit up the trash bin button on the right side of your campaign to dig them out!

Twitter Question

@GeeksDreamGirl asks: Have any positive reinforcement techniques to reward ONLY the players that are paying attention at the table?

Listen to find out!

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