Win A Copy of Unhallowed Metropolis Revised!

A New Dark Age

So, with yesterday marking the return of Unhallowed Metropolis in its new revised format, we’d like to share our love for the game by bringing you guys a chance to win a copy of this amazing title – hot off the presses!

There’s already two introductory adventures free and readily available to sate your Neo-Victorian thirst for guns, gas masks and the walking dead; Salvation and Sanctuary. I personally ran Sanctuary myself and had an absolute blast with it, as did my players. I highly recommend checking these adventures out, they come complete with pregens, maps and a quick reference sheet. Don’t like pregens? Grab a character sheet and roll your own!

The Best Things In Life Are Free

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If the adventures don’t fill your desire for ‘awesome free stuff’ there’s plenty more where that came from. There’s a complete Guide to Animate Pathology, artwork from within the beautiful innards of the rule book, and even a full preview of the Undertaker calling. But what we really want you to check out (because it’s pertinent to you winning this contest) is the map of London’s east end 2105 AD. They will also be publishing content on a monthly basis for use with Unhallowed Metropolis – some paid and some freebies, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Okay, Let’s Win This!

Now, onto winning this contest! You want to get your hands on a copy of only the finest gas mask chic Neo-Victorian horror out there right? They’ll be giving away 3 PDF copies total, 2 of them via Twitter and another via Facebook. First either follow or fan Obsidian Portal if you’re not already doing so. Then pick one of the following entry options:

Twitter Entries

Facebook Entries

Contest ends Thursday Sept 22nd @ 11:59m CST

Waiting Truly Is The Hardest Part

Is the thought of having to wait to get a copy of Unhallowed Met burning a hole right through you? Don’t have the patience to wait on contests and you have to get your hands on a copy right now?! Head on over to the Atomic Overmind web store and get your hands on a copy of the Hardback or hit up RPGNow for the PDF version! For international customers check out offerings from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well!

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