Infrastructure Rollout and Social Sign-in Updates

Following up on the heels of our weekly update post for February 21, the rollout to production of the new and updated infrastructure has arrived. The switchover occurred at roughly 8am EST this morning and monitoring is ongoing at this time. We also made the two social sign-in changes that were discussed (updating the via Facebook protocols and replacing Google+ with Google).

Thus far, monitoring indicates that things are going well for the most part. We have identified a few issues that need work, and are asking users to report any problems they find to [email protected]. The below list contains everything that has been found up to this point – and will be updated if and/or as reports come in.

Known Issues / Things Being Worked On
  • CKEditor Toolbars: a majority of the toolbar buttons for the CKEditor are currently not being displayed, including image insertion and text styling. The estimate at the moment for repairs is within 24 hours. Users who are impacted by this issue can Set the Default Editor to Textile for the time being as a workaround. Resolved!
  • Page Versioning: the interface for version comparison and rollback is currently not functioning correctly. In testing, differences between the page’s present version and past versions are not highlighting. Version numbers appear correct, however. For safety, it is suggested that users avoid this feature for now. The estimate for repairs at this time is roughly 24 hours. Resolved!
  • Co-GM Status: the Co-GM status of players in campaigns is currently switched and unable to be changed. The buttons to promote/demote players appear to function correctly initially, but the changes are found to not be saved upon a page reload/refresh. GMs are encouraged to email their players swiftly to discuss this issue. The estimate for repairs on this error is within 24 hours. Resolved!
  • Social Sign-in Button Icons: at present, the secondary pane of the login box shows the old buttons (meaning the old Facebook button and the Google+ icon instead of Google). This is a visual issue only, all of the back end functionality of these buttons is correct. As the lowest priority of the currently known issues, the estimate for this fix stands are roughly 24 hours (ie, after everything else). Resolved!

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As stated above, this post will be updated as things change or new information is brought to our attention.

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