New Content Director, New Contest! Seeking High-Res Backgrounds, User Feedback, Long Walks on Beach.

A new year brings a lot of room for fresh ideas, new goals, added features and of course growing the ever-expanding  library of awesome content that gets poured into Obsidian Portal on a daily basis. Rolling the calendar over another year also means new opportunities and more specifically in this case, a new Content Director! My name is Jerry LeNeave and I just happen to be that new guy, I hope you’ll bear with me as I shimmy myself into this fine suit of armor Dan has left behind.

I know that some of you may already know me from twitter or my blog so if that’s the case you now know what I’ve been keeping myself tight lipped and overjoyed about, if that’s not the case…well then it’s nice to meet you! I’m absolutely ecstatic and honored to be part of the team and I’m looking forward to further building our community and spreading the word of Obsidian Portal in every direction possible. I’ll be attending the DDXP this year along with my lovely wife in the name of Obsidian Portal, so if you’re there too be sure to hit me up!

Contest Details

Now we all know that Obsidian Portal is just a set of tools, and it’s the users who make the site what it is, and with that being said another thing 2011 is bringing will be the chance for you to earn some free Ascendant time by submitting some of your high res artwork for our new campaign backgrounds feature!

Images should be around 1600×1200 in size (smaller, tiled backgrounds are also a possibility) and please bear in mind that the middle of the image will be obscured so most of the focus will be on the edges of the picture. All submissions should be original artwork, creative commons, openly available stock images and the like are completely acceptable however copyrighted or blatantly stolen artwork will not be accepted.

Send your submissions to contests@obsidianportal no later than midnight, January 31st.  At that point we will select our favorites and those that get used as campaign backgrounds will recieve 3 months of free Ascendant membership time! So here’s to another great year and some great new backgrounds, I look forward to getting to know all of you more via cyberspace and convention halls. Until next time!


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