New System Thursday, a fourfer.

Adventurers, this is an unprecedented occasion. Yesterday we added four new systems to the pantheon of Supported RPG Systems and Settings. What four, pray-tell? Well first there’s:

That’s right, Risus! We liked it so much when we found it last week, that we decided to give it a slot on the wall with the big guys. Remember, Risus is a Free RPG, so grab the rules, grab some friends, and make a Risus campaign now! Don’t forget to drop S. John Ross a note of thanks, a critique, or a word of encouragement!

Next up we have a one-two combo from Event Horizon Productions: Swords of the Middle Kingdom, and Hong Kong Action Theater!¬†From what I hear, both are a great deal of fun to play. But I can’t find any info on these systems and the Event Horizon Productions website is all but gone. Anyway, if you know of these two games, then you’re probably very excited. Hurrah!

Finally, we present to you:

The Alliance has prophesied complete development of the known universe by the turn of the millennium. Huge, powerful mega-corporations run it all from behind the scenes. The Twelve Races of the Alliance work as caretakers, testing the horizon of knowledge, extending to touch the farthest reaches of space. Frontier Colonies populate neighboring bodies: Andromeda, Fornax, Spirax (M33), and the Magellanic Clouds. Posts dot the cluster galaxy of M32 in Ursa Major, some 100,000 light years from Terra. The continuing battle rages onward to drive out the Arachnids. Reports of ghost ships all filter their way across the vast, empty nothingness to the hearts of the bold, strong, and curious. There is a demand for warriors, for men and women with the metal and vision to protect the lives of the innocent. The call for assistance can be heard across the galaxies, as colony worlds struggle to survive in the morass of conflict, uncertainty, and danger. The word goes out from the isolated reaches of The Thendrax Empire in Spirax to the urban centers of the Industrial Provinces of the Fornax galaxy. “Come. Bring your weapons. Bring your courage. Bring your honor. It’s showtime!”

Okay,¬†that sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Make a Battlelords of the 23rd Century campaign now!

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