SquidGirl Art, Stats, & Backstory Contest

SquidGirl: part squid, part girl. Here, have a look.

SquidGirl appears on the cover of the upcoming RPG GammaWorld by Wizards of the Coast, and based on her abilities to multitask, take charge of a dangerous situation, and use her extranious limbs as hair, we are ready to pledge our undying love for her. But there’s just one problem: We have no idea who SquidGirl really is! I mean, what makes her tick? What are her goals in life? What are her pet peeves? Why is she a SquidGirl?

That’s where you come in, see? We’re putting a bounty out for information. We want background info, we want her stats (in whatever game system you prefer), we want pictures of her in her everyday life, we want personal journal entries, we want it all!


This contest is open to anyone, anywhere! Also, creators own all applicable rights to their creations. We make no claims of ownership to said creations. To participate, all you have to do is:

1) Make one of the following.

  • A picture of SquidGirl doing things in her everyday life
  • A fictional journal entry from SquidGirl’s perspective
  • Stats for SquidGirl in your favorite RPG system
  • A background story for SquidGirl
  • Something else entirely but still about SquidGirl

2) Post your creation (or a link to it) in this thread on our forums.

That’s it! We will choose winners based on a variety of criteria including attention to detail, humor, awesomeness, and amazingness. One grand prize winner will recieve a 100 dollar Amazon Gift Card. We’ll also pick 5 runner ups (one in each of the 5 categories) and they will also win prizes. Winners will be chosen on Thursday September 16th at 6pm PST. Yes you can win in multiple categories, and yes multiple entries are allowed. Feel free to give feedback or constructive critisim with your fellow contestants.

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