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New YT Series – It’s In the Cards

Writer’s block? Need a quick method to generate a storyline or adventure for your next game? Obsidian Portal’s Conan_Lybarian has a new technique. Find some trading cards or an old CCG and follow a few simple rules – It’s In the Cards!


Review: Questlings

Obsidian Portal’s own Conan_Lybarian explores this family-friendly RPG and book series for kids from Letiman Games and an amazing team of mindful creatives. Easy mechanics, safety tools, kid-centric concepts, and win-win situations. The perfect intro for young kids into the world of roleplaying games.


Videos in your campaign

videosWe announced this in the newsletter, but in case you missed it you can now embed videos in your campaign!

You can embed any video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or a handful of other 3rd parties. Just look for the little film icon in the editor toolbar. Put in the URL to the video, and you’re good to go!

Please be judicious about your use of videos. A campaign trailer or intro video on your campaign homepage is a great idea. Cramming your favorite music videos onto every page? Not so much…

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