Contest: Be an RPG Designer

How would you like to be an Game Designer working on a project with Lead Designer Logan Bonner? With your name in the credits and everything? Well here’s your chance.  We’re buying one lucky Adventurer a Senior Patronage for Logan’s Open Design Project, the 4th Edition D&D Adventure, The Lost City.

The Lost City is an anthology-style adventure set in the classic ruins of a once-great city: treasure and glory await!

Leading the project is former Wizards of the Coast designer Logan Bonner, lead designer on Arcane Power and author of the fan-favorite adventures The Slaying Stone and P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens.

Design in the WotC Style

With Bonner’s guidance, patrons of the Lost City project will be invited to write major sections of the anthology, and will decide details about the city such as its locale, history, and the adversaries player characters face.

As a patron of the project, you have much more influence over the final result than someone who buys an adventure off the shelf. This includes:

  • Access to private design discussion and review of playtest materials,
  • a complete PDF of the final playtest manuscript,
  • a complete PDF of the official 80-page adventure,
  • opportunity to contribute design ideas and elements, and
  • acknowledgement for your contribution in the credits.

As a senior patron, you gain access to the senior patron discussion and review of materials. You will have complete access to the playtest draft, art, maps, and you have the option of pitching entire sections of the anthology (to design and be credited and paid for your work) — or submit smaller designs such as monsters or item stats. It’s up to you!

So, what do you think? You can work as hard as you want, or do as little as you please, and your names will still show up in the book’s credits!  Are you interested? Great! All you have to do to enter our contest is the following:

  1. Set up a Twitter Account.
  2. Follow @ObsidianPortal.
  3. Re-tweet the following message:

 RT & enter @ObsidianPortal’s contest! Be a Game Designer for @KoboldQuarterly’s ‘The Lost City’ Open Design Project! http://bit.ly/bwA4Ur

That’s all there is to it. We’ll pick a winner at random next Wednesday at 10pm PST.

Good Luck, and Good Gaming!

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