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Textile Updates

In Part 1 and Part 2, I discuss the motivations to upgrade to the latest version of Textile, along with my findings when I tested it out. In summary, the new Textile works great for 99% of people, but the 1% that get shafted are the ones who put in the most work. We help many, but harm our most ardent and energetic users. Not exactly a great bargain.

Still, we can’t be forever frozen and afraid to move forward. In a rare move for us, we’ve decided to make the Textile parsing an option. In general, we try to avoid making things optional. It’s difficult for us to support, and makes the overall system more confusing to use. But in this case, we needed a way to please everyone, and providing backwards compatibility was the only way.

We strongly recommend using the newest version of Textile, which is why we automatically upgraded everyone to it. But, if you have put in a lot of work on your campaign and it looks funky with the latest version, you’ll need to edit your campaign settings and select to use the older version.

If you do choose to use the old parser, we would still suggest using the newest one on your new campaigns. The automatic line breaks alone make it much easier to use.


After you make the change to your campaign setting, you will need to edit and re-save the pages that are looking strange. The change won’t be visible until you re-save a particular page.

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