Weekly Site Update – November 29, 2018

This update will be a brief one, with more details to follow in the coming days.

New Content Contributor

I’m thrilled to announce that my good friend and fellow GM Jynx001 has joined the content team as a contributor! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, then you’ve no doubt seen samples of his work before. Now, he’ll have the chance to really put his creative talents to work, providing Obsidian Portal with all sorts of new and interesting gaming-related content!

Greetings, programs! My name is Steve — I go by Jynx001 on this site and others — and I am very happy to announce that I’ve been invited to join Obsidian Portal as a Creative Contributor! This is a dream job for me. I’ll be writing articles about tabletop roleplaying, adding content to the site, and drawing webcomics that highlight the hilarity of our favorite hobby. I have over 25 years of experience at the table playing and running dozens of different systems and genres, with far too many campaigns and one-shots under my belt to count them all. I’ve seen RPG’s go from nerdy-niche to mainstream in high-def and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. Obsidian Portal is growing once more — fulfilling the promise of the old guard and embracing the new — and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy what we can bring to your table and I look forward to seeing your newest creations, soon!

500 Internal Server Errors

As some of you have identified we have some 500 Internal Server Errors cropping up and are causing some disruptions to the site (primarily with editing things). We want the community to know that we are working diligently to get this resolved once and for all. It is an issue that has cropped up multiple times, and there is clearly an underlying element that has not been addressed before now, and we’re intent on identifying this element and making sure that we eradicate it entirely. We are working right now and will update you soon.

Please accept our apologies for this headache, and our assurances that the end is coming as soon as humanly possible.

Award Winning!

Gold ENnie for Best Website 09'-11'

Silver ENnie for Best Website, Best Podcast 2012-2013
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