Weekly Status Update – October 11

Hey there everyone, checking in again with another status update.  We don’t have an absolute ton to cover in this one, but we want to keep you in the loop on where we are at with items.  With that said, we will get right into it for today.



For those who are still experiencing email issues, we are still investigating what is causing the remaining issues for everyone.  We have been facing a difficult time with this as we have been unable to recreate the issues that folks are seeing, and when running testing on the campaigns in question we are not seeing any kinds of errors generating as we review the logs.  For all intents and purposes it looks like it is working, but we know it isn’t as you folks have been vigilant with your testing and reporting (which really helps as due to those issues, this is really all we have to go off of).



While the primary focus has been on the email issues as those are absolutely critical to proper function of the services, between the various rollouts we have done on that our tech team has gotten some work done on these items as we waited for reports to come back in on mail.  These are still a bit of a ways out as a result, but they are in progress and will be delivered here at some point (I do not want to make guarantees at this time as this mail issues has been an unwieldy headache, taking much longer than desired).  When these are closer to being ready you will likely see the Kickstarter page spring back to life so we can better report on these items to those who backed the project.



So the last item I want to touch on today is the Support system here at Obsidian Portal.  As we have discussed, the system that is in place right now can stand to make up some ground.  We are looking into a few options regarding this, culling suggestions from our Inner Council as well as our tech team.  We are getting a line on all the choke points and spots where we think we can improve this and will be rolling out some updates there as well to make life easier on everyone and provide the level of support we want to bring to the community.

So, there you have it in a nutshell of what is being worked on.  We also still have discussions open in the community forums to discuss these items in greater length than we can here, so you are welcome to drop in with any questions you might have and I will do my best to get you an answer.  I apologize I have been in a little less often this last week or so, but so everyone is aware I am presently working on transitioning into a Project Manager position here at Obsidian Portal, so the new tasks and responsibilities are taking up a bit more of my time.  I am still going to try and be in at the minimum of once per week to try and address items that are coming up, but you are also welcome to reach out to me directly if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Until next time, keep on gaming!

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