Delayed Status Update

Hey there everyone!  Terribly sorry for the delay on getting a post up here.  We have some news for you, so I don’t want to take up time with pleasantries – so, we will jump right on in since I think most will find this to be a great news day.


So, as I am sure you are all well aware, things on the tech side have been slow coming.  We have made some progress with the email, but things are still not all the way there.  Our review of this has shown a couple of choke points, and the first is ability.  We have taken steps to enhance our tech team here by bringing in some fresh blood in the form of skilled RoR programmers.  The refreshed team are fully assessed of the project and very confident of getting things moving a bit quicker around these parts.  This all just came to fruition so that is why you haven’t seen the impact of this yet, but we are confident that things will be shaping up even more moving forward.


The second area in which we were seeing some issues was with familiarity and understanding of the infrastructure and environment.  Many here should be pleased to know that we do still communicate with Micah, and he has provided our enhanced team with some insight and background on the framework and infrastructure of the Portal.  Again, this has all just come to fruition as of this week, but it has been a very beneficial step in getting more things efficiently addressed here as we continue forward.  A big thanks to Micah for his help and insights, and all the best to him in all of his endeavors.


So, with the aforementioned details now solidly in place and resolved, we are now focused on ramping back up the development and putting the new blood to work.  Steps were taken, as those who frequent the forums will recall, to compile together a running listing of all issues reported from across the forums and our support page.  I have further detailed this when items were initially reported, and am working with members of our Inner Council to assess impacts and priorities for all of the items.  We have assessed anticipated deadlines now that we have our Tech Team enhancements in place, and so once we have finalized the long term work priority we will be able to give everyone a much clearer picture of the long term.

Priorities for development will continue to remain what has already been previously announced, but we should have a much fuller charted course of things for you by the time those items are completed.


The next thing I want to talk about is the Inner Council.  We have taken additional steps recently to further empower the members of the Council to tackle things that they were pulled on board for.  Our Community Ambassadors have been provided additional access to the support site to address items in an official capacity to help me with managing the load of items there and get it back to a reasonable state for all.  Our Curator of Knowledge has also been granted access over there so they can directly get to the Knowledgebase to be able to update and add to it.  That means we should be seeing some more good stuff in these areas as well.

Additionally, myself and our Inner Council will be having a meeting this week with the owners.  We have wanted to get a solid flow of communication in place, and that means getting the channels opened up for direct interactions.  This is just another way we are working on enhancing that communication, and making sure the community has ways to directly interact all the way up the chain.  Since it would not be feasible for the owners to directly meet with all of our members, the Council seemed like a perfect fit for all of this.

One more thing on the Inner Council here before we wrap things up for today.  We have been very pleased with the feedback we have gotten from the Council already, and are expecting more great things now that we have been able to empower these members a bit further in their roles.  As such, we are also looking into how we might expand upon this Council which will mean additional opportunities to bring in some more of the many members who were recommended when we announced the concept.  You can expect to see some more news on this coming up in the fairly near future.


That covers things for this update.  Now that some of these bigger items have been settled you can expect me to be back to the regularly scheduled program with getting updates rolled out (and you should start seeing me on the forums a bit more as well).

Until next time, keep on gaming!

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