Update on Issues – Nov. 9

Hey everyone, stopping here to check in with you all.  We have had some updates and new issues that I need to address with everyone, so buckle in quick while I give you the once over on what has been going on.  We have some moderately good items, some bad items, and some weird items to address today.

Another Fix for Email

So, we rolled out another fix for the Email Notifications based on our previously discussed meeting with Micah and our Tech Team.  He kindly offered a suggestion that we put into place, but we still are getting reports from the community about different issues still lingering.  We are working to gather some additional details of these instances from the members who are reporting to figure out what other hang ups are still happening.

From our investigations so far we have seen that Yahoo accounts in particular seem to have the most consistent issues across the board.  This is not to say we are not getting some reports relating to other mail providers, but these seem to be much more intermittent in regards to what is going and what is not.  If you are one of the members experiencing any issues with mail still, please reach out to us to provide as much detail as you can about the issues.  The following is the most helpful:

  1. Link to the Campaign having issues with Notifications (if you have more than one, send all that apply).
  2. List of specific Notifications not being received (by Campaign if you see differences between them).
  3. List of Members not getting the Notifications (including the mail provider they are using).
  4. List of any special steps you have taken to try and work around this and what results you get from these attempts.

Media Embedding Alive and Dead Again

As a number of you noticed based on what messages I have been able to see on it, the Media Embedding that has been broken started working again suddenly after we applied our last fix for the Email.  I have confirmed with our Tech Team that nothing was changed during this fix that related to the Media Embedding, so we were fairly surprised to get reports of it working again.  Of course, we were not going to complain about it.

This was short lived.  We started getting reports in again on November 6th that the issues with Media Embedding had returned.  I checked with the Tech Team again and they confirmed that no changes had been made that corresponded with this failing again.

Recent Forum Issues and Loading Issues

The next thing I want to touch on, which has been keeping me away from you fine folks, are the issues that have cropped up as of late.  The first I will touch on are the Loading Issues.  We started to get reports in from members on this around a month ago (again, review of issues shows this problem has happened in the past as well), people seeing slow load times or intermittent Error 500 messages when attempting to access or use the site.  This appears to have gotten worse over time as well, and I can confirm on my end also that I am getting these issues nearly any time I attempt to access the site right now.  I am actively discussing this with our Tech Team and have a meeting tonight with them on it.

Next we have the issues over in the Community Forums.  If you have not seen it yet, we have a lot of errors populating the forums right now and members are having varied levels of success attempting to even post content.  I myself am presently unable to get any post to go through, so apologies for not responding here over the last few days.  Based on the errors I suspect there are some conflicts between the forum software and the version of PHP running it on the servers.  This, as with the Loading Issues, will be addressed in my meeting with the Tech Team tonight as this will hopefully just require an update to the forum platform to resolve if my suspicions are correct.

These facets have kept me from being as engaged with you recently as I would like to be.  I was able to get to the blog today, and get on to start addressing some Support Tickets as well.  I am still unable to get a posting through on our forums at the moment, so apologies to those who are able to post and are dropping items in to be addressed.  I will be getting to those as soon as I able to.


Until next time, keep on gaming!

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