Haste – Episode 16 with NewbieDM: Tome of Horrors, D&D Miniatures Skirmish Playtest, Group Implosion and more

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Tonight I’m joined by Enrique Bertran aka @NewbieDM from the ENnie nomiated blog  newbiedm.com and creator of RPG Kids! He’s celebrating the one year anniversary of RPGKids and so it’s on sale right now at RPGnow for 99 cents, if you have little one’s and you’ve not done so already now is the time to pick it up! Also, we’ve got a chance for you guys to win a copy of Unhallowed Metropolis going on, that ends this Thursday and also the d20Monkey caption contest ends this Sunday – so get cracking, we really want you to win some free stuff!


Tome of Horrors

Correction: Paizo Publishing is not publishing Tome of Horrors Complete. It is published by Frog God Games, Paizo is merely a distributor.

Paizo has recently announced (and sold out of pre-orders almost instantly) a resurrection of the Tome of Horrors called Tome of Horrors Complete, this time for the Pathfinder RPG. The book will be over 800 pages and contain monsters from the original edition of the game and new, templates, appendices on various things and a truckload of sample encounters as well as lairs.

D&D Miniatures Skirmish Playtest

The upcoming D&D miniatures skirmish battle game has entered the open playtest that was talked about at gencon this year. Anyone can gain access to the rules PDF by simply joining the playtesting group on the wizards community site. The rules seem to be a mix of magic and D&D as was somewhat touched upon in the Conquest of Nerath board game. Enrique and I discuss and make note that WotC seems to have taken a page from Paizo’s playbook on this one.

Group Implosion

Earlier in the week, there was a lot of talk about group implosion going on, particularly after I had announced mine falling apart. A rash and unbridled blog post I had written very much upset one of my core players putting our game into a limbo status as of this writing. Pending a more level headed rebuttal due soon, Enrique and I discuss group fallout – remedies and pitfalls to avoid. From a DM point of view: the mindset of running our game, should always supercede running my game.

Tip Corner

Did you know about our new map markers? Place them anywhere on your campaign maps and fill them with whatever content you want!

Twitter Question

@ArcaneSpringBrd asks: What do you guys think of Mordankainen’s Magnificent Emporium?

Listen to find out!

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  1. Please note, Paizo Publishing is not publishing Tome of Horrors Complete. It is published by Frog God Games, and Paizo is helping with distribution. We are completely sold out of the first printing, but there will be a second printing released by Frog God Games.

  2. Jerry, you’re a little down on Paizo’s effort. You poo-poo their publication strategy without offering any real information or even explaining why you feel the way you do. From what I understand from the podcast, the fact that they are releasing modules, campaign setting material, and advanced strategy guides is baffling to you. Do you feel they are flooding the market, or that their product is defective? Or are you just shocked that they are still producing relevant material at all? Your opinion just seemed like your “gut” reaction without any analysis whatsoever. Sounds like bias is dictating for no particular reason.

    • Softfoot,

      Really I wasn’t trying to sound any certain way beyond just announcing the product, the podcast is not a well-rehearsed thing and being that I’m not a pathfinder player I just brought up the breadth of content. Though I suppose now I guess my demeanor could be taken poorly but I’d like to state that their publication strategy is great and obviously working out great for them. Without going into debate here I’d venture to say they have one of the most successful business models out there, being in the audience at this years (and many, many previous) ENnie awards ceremony speak for themselves.

      The amount of material release does baffle me, but not in the sort of manner you might suspect and more so in the vein of “how do they do that?!” I don’t feel they are flooding the market or have defective products by any means and yes I am shocked they are still producing top notch, relevant material people are clamoring for! It’s hard to do in an industry as crowded as this one. Rest assured though that this was my gut reaction, one of a guy who was trying to do justice by relaying some cool news to the masses, but personally is not a pathfinder player and also one who was relatively in the dark about the book itself.

      If I sound biased though, it’s probably because I suppose I am, I think everyone is. However I didn’t mean to come off as trying to rain on their parade, just trying to relay some news – sorry I was so lackluster about it. I’m a HUGE fan of old school material and had I the time/money/friends to try a pathfinder game you bet I’d do it in a heartbeat!

      • I would like to hear more about your love of old school material, particularly if you can do reviews of modules or campaign fluff. Pick an old module that you went through (or ran) and give a review! That would be great.