Haste w/ Ben Mcfarland! Google Glass at Gencon, Hasbro/D&D Daydreams, Open Gaming Monthly, and more!

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Tonight we’re joined by Freelance Writer of many things, Mr. Ben McFarland to talk to him about his dream for an awesome virtual Gen Con experience provided via Google Glass. Also want to make quick mention of a great little lite RPG called Folklore, created by one of our listeners Seth Zaloudek go check it out!


Google Glass at GenCon 2013Experience Gencon Through Google Glass

Ben and I talk about his crowdfunded project that is going to allow him to provide a fun, first-person perspective of the entirety of GenCon this year. He’s been selected to pilot Google Glass and he’s taking it to the show, let’s find out how we can live vicariously through him!

“What If Hasbro Accidentally Remembered they Owned D&D?”

A recent article over on Battlegrip.com has stirred up a lot of discussion in the RPG community, some of whimsical hope for  second golden age of D&D, and some saying this is a pipe dream. Ben and I discuss the article, we’d love your two cents too.

Open Gaming Monthly by d20PFSRD

While we probably won’t ever stop lamenting the end of Kobold Quarterly, at least some solid gaming magazines have sprung up in attempts to fill the gap. Open Gaming Monthly is another new gaming mag focused on open licensed games and is done very, very well. A large focus on Pathfinder, but still useful to most everyone. Ben and I discuss!

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  1. Thanks for the brief mention of the game! Listening to the episode was kind of like if you were watching your favorite TV show and one of the characters started talking about you. It was a really surreal experience.

    I’d comment on the rest of the podcast but I’m just about to listen to it. Hearing my name (and having it pronounced correctly for the first time by someone else) on one of the podcasts I listen to made me a little giddy. I’ll admit it. I just had to post a comment right away.

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