Behind the Scenes Bugfixes

We’ve been a little slow with new features and updates lately, so I thought I’d give a quick update on some of the things we’ve been doing. There are always bugs to work on, and I just fixed two that have plagued us for a while.

That invitation is not for you

We’ve had a lot of people report issues with inviting friends to join their campaigns. Every time we looked into it, everything would go smoothly for us. Those are the most irritating bugs since our reply is often, “Hey, I believe you, but I just can’t recreate the issue you’re seeing.”

Luckily, I was finally able to identify what was going on and put in a fix. So, in the future, inviting your friends into your campaigns will be much smoother and you can get right to building your campaign wiki instead of trying to troubleshoot invitation issue.

The dreaded slug change

Every campaign has a name and also a slug. The slug is the “short name” for your campaign that shows up in the URL and links to your campaign. Changing the name of your campaign is no big deal. Unfortunately, changing the slug has always been problematic as it would break all your wiki page links.

Up to now, the only solution to this was to manually re-save each wiki page which would send it through the rendering engine and regenerate all the links. Well, with the fix I put in this weekend, this process happens automatically. It takes a little time, and the bigger your wiki the longer it takes, but at least it’s automatic now. So, if you change the slug, go grab a cup of coffee and chill for a bit, and when you get back your wiki page links will all be switched to use the new slug. Note, unfortunately, any external links to the old campaign or pages will still be broken. That’s why we generally don’t recommend changing the slug, even if you change the name.

More to come

That’s just a small taste of the bugfixes we’re working on right now. I don’t like to say what will come next, since we’re constantly adapting based on what we see is needed. Just be patient and hopefully we’ll slide in a fix or two that will make your overall Obsidian Portal experience just a little better.

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