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Hey there everybody, we have some more news for you today that I wanted to roll out.  We have our winners for the T-Shirt Contest and some more news on the tech details.  I also wanted to address some of our efforts in getting issues sorted out.  With that said, we will get right to the details!



The votes are all in (with some really good feedback as well, thanks for that everyone who contributed some), and we have gotten through the tally to bring you the winners.  As we mentioned previously we have a winner and two runner up spots to fill.  We had some great submission, and I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone for their participation and great designs!  Now, without further ado, here are your winner and runner ups:

WINNER – Justin Mason

Justin Mason - Retro Style Obsidian Portal

Justin Mason – Retro Style Obsidian Portal

Justin submitted the aptly named “Retro Style Obsidian Portal” design.  A simple and classic take on the project.  As the winner of the contest Justin will be awarded a $30 gift card and 3 months of Ascendant status here on OP!  So a big congratulations to Justin on his win, and we will be reaching out to him directly to arrange for prize delivery.

RUNNER UP – Thomas Love

Thomas Love - Eat, Sleep, Roll, Repeat

Thomas Love – Eat, Sleep, Roll, Repeat

Thomas Love - Uncool

Thomas Love – Uncool

Thomas had two designs that came close, granting him both the 2nd and 3rd Runner Up positions in the contest.  He is getting the 2nd Runner Up for his submission of the “Eat, Sleep, Roll, Repeat” design.  He is getting the 3rd Runner Up for his submission of the “Uncool” design.  This will entitle Thomas to a total of $40 ($20 each for 2nd runner and 3rd runner up) and 2 months of Ascendant status here on OP!  So lets give a big congratulations to Thomas for his contributions, and we will be reaching out directly to arrange for prize delivery.

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who contributed, voted, and provided feedback during this contest.  We will have additional details about shirt availability for you soon!



In an effort to keep details flowing in regards to the technical issues, I want to touch base with everyone on where we are presently at with the previously discussed issues.  We have some big news on this front that I think will be of interest to everyone:


This has been the primary source of complications for us as we have been approaching issues with the site.  Our tech team has had some serious progress with this, and we are now ready to move into testing with our Inner Council.  As we suspected, the previously reported issues with the Email Notifications does in fact appear to be associated to this problem as well.  As a result I will also be checking some other issues folks have been reporting against this fix to see if they have also been resolved.  We will be putting this under testing with our Inner Council to verify all instances of Notifications are now working, and to ensure we don’t see any other odd issues that may have cropped up from this fix.

STATUS: Inner Council testing for verification of fixes


These are two big Stretch Goals that had not as of yet been delivered on, and as I have been reporting these are ready to be scrutinized.  Our testing area is presently equipped with these features, which means the Inner Council will be able to start testing these alongside the Build Environment issues.  I have had a chance to take a peek at some of this and it looks absolutely amazing so far, but I have not had a chance to really dig in yet and try to break it or find flaws.

STATUS: Inner Council testing for verification of features



So, as everyone is well aware we have a large backlog of issues that were reported across both the forums and the support page.  We are taking steps to get this all addressed and handled, and I want to provide you with a few details about this that have been discussed in previous updates or implemented at this time.


Regarding the issues posted on the forums, our Community Ambassador Belrathius has compiled together the details on these reports and consolidated them into a single forum thread for review.  Further, Belrathius has also done some testing on these issues to further verify them.  This will help us to ensure that items reported this way do not slip through the cracks or get overlooked.


Regarding the issues posted to the support site, I have started to process an audit of this information.  I am actively also addressing any new reports regarding password resets until the issues with the email notifications are resolved and this can be returned to an automated system.  I will be working on consolidating the tickets in the system so we have one active ticket for any particular issue.  In these cases I will be closing duplicates and linking those to the active ticket for the issue.  Members are encouraged not to reopen tickets that fall into this category so we can hammer down all remaining problems, questions, and suggestions.  This audit process will also include tracking down any high priority issues to get those addressed as quickly as possible, as well as getting a development plan in line to address any minor issues that have been reported.


I have also identified the issues folks are having on occasion with posting details to the support page.  The source of this issue is the spam prevention protocols hitting false positives at times.  In order to correct this and get things back in line I would request that if you post a reply to a ticket or submit a new ticket but it does not appear, please do not resubmit the information.  This will potentially cause multiple instances of the same item in the spam report, and in order to better teach the system what we view as spam we need to restore items that are not.  If there are multiple instances of the item it will appear like flooding when these are restored.  I will be actively working on this to get the system in line with the types of items that people will be reporting on there so we can try to avoid further issues with this.


Alright everyone, that may have been a bit of information to ingest on this one, but we are hard at work on getting things all sorted out.  We will have some further updates coming for you again next week, so be on the look out.

Keep on gaming!

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