Weekly Status Update – Sept. 11

Checking in for another week of updates to keep everyone here in the loop of everything that has been going on over the course of the week.  We have a couple of items that we need to touch on so we are going to get right to it.


We are putting everything else on hold and getting all focus shifted to this issue.  Getting things sorted out with this has been a bit of a headache, but it is now taking all of our attention from a development perspective.  I have spoken with our tech team and they have advised me we should have a fix for this in no later than a week.  Once this critical issue is hammered out we will get our attention back to the rest of the backlog.



I have set things up to bring the Inner Council members on to our development area where these items are up for testing.  My next step here is to line up getting our KS backers involved in this process as well since this was something a few folks had as a reward.  We’ll have everyone run these features through the ringer and let us know if there are any lingering bugs or enhancements that are needed to round them out.  Once the testing group is satisfied we will get this rolled out to the site as a whole.



While the tech team is busy at work on the critical issue with the email notifications, I am busy at work clearing through the backlog of support items here on the Portal.  At the same time, I am addressing all incoming issues as they hit the system to provide a timely response on items as well.  Once the backlog is reviewed, items needing to be addressed by tech will be worked into the queue of items so we can keep rolling out regular fixes until we have this backlog cleared.  We are deeply sorry that so many items have gone unaddressed for so long, but we are directly committed to getting these items addressed as quickly as we can.



I have been working on getting some items in place in order to get some things rolling forward with our Inner Council.  Belrathius has already compiled a list of issues submitted via the forums and providing some feedback on ways we may be able to enhance our support systems and Chainsaw XIV has been staying on top of our DST submissions.  I will be working with Wolfhound to determine how we might best curate together some of our resources and get them some better exposure to the community and Bluesguy will be working with me to get a solid priority basis for our backlog of issues.  I will be continuing to work with the team in order to further ramp things up as we continue forward.



So, we have a few rewards that are due to some of our community.  AZ_RUNE picked up a win for the 2014 Campaign of the Year, and our T-Shirt Contest has come to a close and we have our winner Justin Mason and runner up Thomas Love.  I am happy to announce we have these items in place and are getting these rewards fulfilled presently.  We had to ship in the items for the Campaign of the Year award so we could combine the items together into a final package, but our digital gift cards are out to those winners.


Keep on gaming!

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