Message from the CEO

Hey everyone, back again with an extra update this week (you’ll still be getting my end of the week status update).  For today, we have a message direct from our CEO at Kaleidoscope regarding some of the issues that have been going on as of late.  Without further ado, here is the message.


From the CEO:

You’re angry.  So are we.  We trusted a technology team to resolve your issues, we were guaranteed that they were being handled, and we were handed a time-bomb.  When we finally discovered what was going on we were appalled. Community members’ tickets weren’t even being looked at.  They were being ignored. Completely.  By people we trusted.
We’ve let them go.  All of them.  Some of them may not have been at fault, but we simply couldn’t waste any more time- for you or for us- in getting things completed and resolved.
We hired Alex as the “voice of the Community.”  He’s not just the Community Manager- he’s your advocate, your voice, your defender, and he’s here to hold us to a VERY high standard.  Things here haven’t been what you were told they would be for a long time.  We’ve come in and, as we’ve discovered challenges, have tackled them.  OP may seem like a simple concept to you.  Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly intricate, sensitive, ecosystem which was designed as it grew.  It wasn’t designed to “industrial standards”…not through malicious intent, but simply because no one envisioned it’s incredible popularity and meteoric growth.
We serve far more “free” members than we serve “Ascendant” members.  But we are equally committed to each group receiving a tremendous experience and tremendous value.
We have taken a number of actions to make OP the destination it was envisioned to be.  But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some hard challenges ahead.  We have identified a new technology support team.  We have engaged a council of experienced members of the OP community to help us guide our development and chart our path.  And we have committed to making OP the community that it deserves to be.
I thank you for your patience, your forbearance, and your candor.  I hear you clearly.  Mediocrity won’t be accepted any longer. We can, and will fix this, and with your help we will do so.
It will take longer than you want.  It will take longer than we want.  But it will be done.  Period.  Know that Alex is not the person at whom you should be directing any displeasure.  Know that he is truly your pipeline to the Company owners.  And we hear you.  And we hear him.  Please remain patient a while longer and let’s see what we can do by working together to make OP a world-class gaming community.

CEO Kaleidoscope

And that is it for today, a bit more of a peek behind the proverbial curtain as it were.  As always I will be here to address any questions, suggestions, or concerns that you might have so do not hesitate to reach out to me!
Until next time, keep on gaming!

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