Status Update – Sept. 18

Hey everyone, we are back to followup with all of you as to what has been going on.  I will be touching on the status of some of our items like normal.  So, how about we jump right into it and get on with the news.




I would like to address where we are with the issues we are facing.  As was stated in our previous update, we have shifted all attention to the issue with the Email Notifications not getting sent.  Investigations into this have uncovered a few items that appear to be causing the problems.  At the core of this we have identified that some of the code for the process is depreciated now and needs to be updated in order to get the system running again without errors.  As we have had some setbacks here with the aforementioned shifts in the tech team that Keith addressed, we are revising our deadline on this fix for rollout next week.

From here we will be moving on to the Natural Editing stretch goal from the Kickstarter.  There has been some progress made on this, but we still have some ground to cover to get it up to par.  Testing has uncovered a few errors that need to be addressed with the system, and the final enhancements need to be put in place for the inline editing side of this as well.  We have set a deadline to have this in testing by next week, and from there can look into getting additional testers on board for this item.

After this we will be shifting focus to another one of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter, the File Storage Locker.  This will allow for our members to actually see how much of the storage space that they have is used up, as well as providing support for many kinds of file formats.  This plays some roles with the content embedding as well, as we will now have an expanded internal source of embedding available for you.  Some of this is in place already, but there is still a bit of ground to cover on this one.

So, there we have it for today.  Until next time, keep on gaming!

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