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Hey everyone, I know it has been a little over a week since we kicked out an update, and I humbly apologize for that delay.  You will be happy to know we have been hard at work on a number of items in this time.  Without any further delay we will get into all the meaty details!


So, on 09/22 we released a fix for the issues with the Email Notifications that have been a headache for everyone for quite some time now.  We had some issues with the initial rollout, but our tech team worked vigilantly on this and was able to release a update to the fix that has restored the Email Notifications and cleared up the odd issues that cropped up on the initial release.  Most members are reporting that the issues are resolved for them, but we are still getting some reports of isolated issues.  That is the next thing that I would like to touch on directly.



So, since we got the Email Notification fix out to the site, we have had users reporting that they are still experiencing some issues with different notifications.  There is a support ticket open here that we encourage you to post a link to your campaign in with a description of what issues you are still seeing so we can investigate these issues.  While we are still accepting reports on this, we do already have a fix in testing for the issues we have seen on the already reported accounts.  You can expect this fix to be coming out this week, and I will be working with you all to confirm that this has resolved the remaining issues.



The next thing I want to touch on here is the slowdowns that users noticed with the site shortly after we launched the Email Notifications fix.  Our investigations showed that shortly after this was released one of our primary servers started seeing a heavy load that was maxing it out.  We looked into the options available and decided that an upgrade was in order.  This has been done now, and so far everything is looking really good.  Of course if you see any odd loading issues please be sure to report them, and we will be keeping an eye on this over the next few days as well to ensure we don’t see any remaining issues with the server loads.



Now, to close things up for you today I want to touch on where we will be going once we know these critical issues are completely cleared up for everyone.  The time has come to start touching on the Kickstarter Stretch Goals that are yet to be delivered, and we are starting with the File Storage Locker goal as it is also associated to a bug with the 3rd party media embedding that you have been reporting to us.  The plan is to push this to an Alpha testing point at which time we will bring on our Inner Council to start the initial tests, and then once we are confident in what we have we will move to getting our Kickstarter Backers involved in Beta Testing on this feature to really hammer it home before we roll it out.  For those who don’t happen to remember, this goal will expand the types of files you can upload directly to Obsidian Portal to embed on your campaign pages, provide a centralized location to manage this content, and continue to support the 3rd Party embedding options alongside this (which is where we have a fix tied in directly to this feature).  We are working out deadlines and milestones for this phase of the project presently and will have more concrete information for you soon on that.


So, that about covers it for today everyone.  Once again I apologize in the delay from our last update to this one.

Until next time, keep on gaming!

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