Haste! D&D Next Gets A Price Tag, Drops The “Next”. OP Birthday Contest, and Can Gaming Extend Your Life?!

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Tabletop Audio has a few new tracks, be sure to go check them out if you haven’t already, also be sure to participate in our birthday contest where you can win prizes just for creating a holiday event in your game and posting it on your campaign wiki. Speaking of holidays in game…our first topic should get you going!


Holidays In Your Game

As part of our birthday contest, Micah and I discuss using holidays in your game. Whether they are birthdays, events, memorials, or whatever – holidays can have huge potential for fun in your game, and they don’t have to really last more than one session. Tune in as we discuss and hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

Gaming Can Extend Your Life

Over on Critical Hits, Mike Shea elaborates on how gaming can improve and extend your life in a warm and fuzzy editorial with plenty of research to back up his claims. Has gaming improved your life? Even if it was known to shorten your life, would you still do it? How many years would you be willing to lose over good times at a table?

D&DNext Prices Leaked

There was a big hoopla last week regarding the “leaked” price tags for D&DNext, which is now just called “Dungeons & Dragons” and dropping the ‘Next’ moniker. Looks like a starter set and a PHB so far, the PHB was listed at $50 retail and the internet is ablaze! Join Micah and I as we discuss this tantalizing topic!


@BallsnBullets asks: what’s the point of re-rolling a d20 on a natural crit hit? Other than making the already rare 20 even more rare?


@TALlama asks: exactly how long do you think it takes me to set up for combat?

Tune in to find out! 

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