Emissary Program Updates!

A Refresher

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything about our loyal Emissaries, and with con season about to kick into full swing I think it’s about time I remind everyone how awesome being an Emissary truly is. Started a couple years ago, the Emissary program was made to help spread the word about Obsidian Portal. We’re just a small team here so we don’t do things like booths at conventions for two reasons: money, and we’d rather be out and about getting to know people!

The Gist of It

Becoming an emissary is pretty easy. We don’t ask you take some sort of entrance exam, or prove yourself through gauntlet of silly trivia or running naked through the quad. We just ask that you attend your favorite conventions, and while you’re tere to talk to people about how great Obsidian Portal can be for their gaming lives. We hook you up with schwag to pass out and some to wear for yourself and all that we ask in return is that you be genuine and enthusiastic when talking to people about OP.

Carry Our Banner High

Being an Emissary is a┬áprivilege though, it’s not something everyone gets to do and so it comes with a little responsibility. The only thing we ask you is that while advocating on our behalf is that you do it tactfully. Emissaries are not rude to people, they do not shove flyers into unsuspecting hands, and they do not speak badly about other people’s products or services.

The Perks

Emissaries get a special badge placed on their Obsidian Portal account, access to an exclusive facebook group, flyers, stickers, dice, other miscellaneous trinkets, and whatever else we drum up for you to pass out to those interested in Obsidian Portal. We’ve also got a brand new unique Emissary T-shirt that identifies the undertaking of Emissary-dom.


If you’re interested in becoming an Emissary, head on over here for brief instructions on how to apply. We’re in the middle of a big refresher for the program right now so it’s a good time to join up if you think you’ve got what it takes!

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