Haste w/ guest co-host Andy Aiken of Masterplan. Masterplan, D&DNext Playtest Begins, RoleplayingTips Canned Fluff for Combat!

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Tonight we’re joined by Andy Aiken, creator of Masterplan 4e. Masterplan is one of the nominees for our Excellence In Innovation Award this year so Andy is here to answer some questions about it and talk RPG’s with us! RPG Stack exchange contest is over, and the winners will be announced this Wednesday May 23rd, so stay tuned!



I talk with Andy about master plan, give him a bit of a mini-interview and ask him some questions that were sent in from twitter. Dying to know the next phase of Masterplan’s evolution? Listen up!


D&DNext Open Playtest Begins This Week

The open playtest for D&DNext begins this week, if you’re not signed up you better sign up for it asap! We discuss the contents of the playtest packet so you can be ready to see what’s going to be headed your way and discuss some design elements of the game as well, enthusiastically!


RoleplayingTips Combat Descriptors

Roleplayingtips.com has a free PDF up on their website full of ready to used canned flavor text for combat interactions during your games. Melee, spells, ranged, hits, misses, you name it, it’s in here. Andy and I discuss how useful stuff like this is and suggest a tweak or two to the overall setup.


Tip Corner

The campaign search feature, use it to look through a single campaign for that time when the fighter lost his sword inside the gelatinous cube! It beats picking through adventure logs one at a time!


Twitter Question

@AlanHStewart asks: Premade modules, pros and cons?

Listen to find out!

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